Real Life Mario Kart May Be Coming To Nintendo’s New Theme Park

Only a handful of video games enjoy the love of almost everybody who plays them, and Mario Kart is one of them. But one thing you can’t do, despite the noble efforts of professional wrestlers and nerds, is play Mario Kart in real life. It looks like Nintendo wants to address this grave injustice with their new theme park.

Nintendo, which you might remember is getting into the theme park game, filed a trademark for the name “Super Nintendo World.” The filing is mostly what you’d expect; Nintendo wants to trademark everything that could be possibly tied to the name, and it reveals a few ideas it’s considering for the park. Most notably:

….management or arrangement of entertainment shows and events, namely, amusement park shows and special events at an amusement park; organization, management or arrangement of kart racing; organization, management or arrangement of motorcycle events and other events with vehicles…

The whole application has little hints about what else Nintendo is looking for out of the park, including plays; musical performances; games for consoles, handhelds, arcades, and smartphones; and “rental of storage media,” which seems to imply strongly that Nintendo is considering giving out park-exclusive games or designing games that can only be played inside the park. Of course, a light shake of salt is needed here as trademark applications are designed to be overly broad and cover everything lawyers can think of, and grand plans often do not come to fruition. But it seems a little real Mario Kart action is at least on the table.

(via GameSpot)