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08.08.08 45 Comments

Sony has hired writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless (no credits to their name, currently) to write the script for Flash Gordon, which is apparently not the same the as The Flash

Sony’s "Flash," a live-action film, follows in a 75-year tradition across many media for what began life as Alex Raymond’s comic strip; the property was a movie serial in the 1930s, a Sam Jones-toplined feature in 1980 and a recent Sci Fi Channel series.

"Flash Gordon" centers on the titular young polo player who is kidnapped and taken to the distant planet Mongo, where he and companions Dale Arden and Hans Zarkov embark on a series of adventures fighting a ruler named Ming the Merciless. [THR]

This sounds like it will be thrill-packed, high-octane adventure ride. What’s with the wanking motion currently I’m making, you ask?  Um, nothing, really.  Forget I’m even doing it.  Seriously, I’m sure this’ll be great.

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