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08.28.07 5 Comments

Cocky A-hole Jamie Foxx and awesome drug-taker Roberty Downey Jr. are all set to appear in The Soloist, "the true-life tale of a homeless violin virtuoso Nathaniel Ayers, a musician who was unable to develop his talent after he began to suffer from schizophrenia." 

I love these "hobo with a heart of gold" stories. As if every wino was just a regular guy until he hit a stretch of bad luck, and now he drinks Windex and wears a diaper made of newspapers.  

Secondly, a movie about a homeless, schizophrenic musician, and it's NOT Wesley Willis?!  All I'm saying is that if you have a chance to greenlight a script called "Suck a Donkey's Smelly Ass", you just go with it.  Tracy Morgan could play him.

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