Gael Garcia Bernal has been taken by body snatchers

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09.14.10 28 Comments

Remember Gael García Bernal?  That handsome young fellow who was so good in Y Tu Mamá Tambien and Amores Perros (Netflix them both immediately if you haven’t seen them)?  Well forget him, he’s gone now.  The body snatchers got him.  They sucked out his innards and replaced them with Photoshop and canned laughter and record scratch sound effects.  Now when he talks, all you can hear is a faint queefing sound.

The film follows a guarded woman who discovers she has cancer, but when she meets her soulmate, the threat of falling in love is scarier than death.

Get it?  “A little bit of heaven,” because she’s dying of cancer.  “Hold on to love” because you never know when it might die of cancer.

Sidenote: The director of this one is Nicole Kassell, who last did The Woodsman, which i actually really liked. [poster via Pajiba]

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