Nic Cage’s Drive Angry looks… uh… familiar.

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10.15.10 16 Comments

In Drive Angry, Nic Cage breaks out of hell to save his daughter from being sacrificed by a satanic cult.  You’d think if he was already in hell, his daughter being ritualistically sacrificed would only bring them back together, but it looks like he’s going to drive around shooting people and smoking cigars and not looking at explosions anyway.  It comes from the director of My Bloody Valentine and a writer who swears he’s never seen The Crow, Hellboy, Ghost Rider, Spawn… Oh, and it’s in THREE-D!  My gosh, I can practically touch the lazy screenwriting!

What’d this take to write, six? Seven minutes? This looks like a spoof before they add the jokes.

[poster via ShocktillYoudrop]

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