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04.26.09 27 Comments

When love IS war, get it?? Let me know if I should slow down.

Obsessed drilled the competition like your mom at a hobo sex party this weekend, grossing an estimated $28.5 million and leaving second place 17 Again ($11.665 mil) in the dust.  It got crappy reviews and didn’t screen for critics, but audiences were just so charmed by the complex storyline.  See, Stringer Bell knows a white woman and she wants to steal him from his wife, so they fight.  It’s like a Greek tragedy, really.  Except with black people.  (full top ten after the jump)

Oh hey look, I found the theme music.  Craig Robinson sings it at the 24-second mark.  Weird, they put it in the wrong movie.

  1. Obsessed, $28.5 million
  2. 17 Again, $11.665
  3. Fighting, $11.441
  4. The Soloist, $9.715
  5. Earth, $8.554
  6. Monsters vs. Aliens, $8.524
  7. State of Play, $6.891
  8. Hanna Montana, $6.372
  9. Fast and Furious, $6.062
  10. Crank High Voltage, $2.4

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