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07.28.09 23 Comments

Though distributor 20th Century Fox hasn’t officially commented, a few reviewers have noticed that even on the “unrated” DVD versions of

There’s a scene in which two abstinence promoters are trying to frighten kids into never having sex, and they share a story about a teenager who smoked while she was pregnant, causing the baby to come out a “crack head.” Except the actress’ lips clearly weren’t saying “crack head.” Her lips looked like they were saying “retard.” The baby is mentioned twice more, each time with “retard” replaced with “crack head.” Later in the film, someone’s behavior is described as “stupid,” and again it’s clear that he originally said “retarded.” [Cinematical]

It’s highly probable Fox made the changes in response to protests of the kind that happened when Tropic Thunder came out last year.  Bottom line, we all know these PC retards are out there and will protest anything they think they can hijack to advance their agenda, and it only makes it worse when you actually pay attention to them.  Not that anyone should expect anything different from Fox.  But go ahead, retards, ban the word retard.  Fine.  Now make up a new, “nice” word you think we should use instead and we’ll all go along with that too.  And you know what’ll happen?  10 years from now retardism will remain uncured and your new word will be our insult.   Why?  Because no matter what you call it, mental deficiencies are undesirable.  And that’s not going to change until we all work in Human Resources at Fox.

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