Sorkin, Jackman, & Elfman Doing a Musical about Houdini

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11.03.10 14 Comments

Sorkin, Jackman, and Elfman, who sound like some sort of Cosplay porn version of Justice League, are working together on a Broadway musical about Houdini.  Hugh Jackman will play the lead, Aaron Sorkin will write the script, and Danny Elfman will compose the score.  Sources say Sorkin will draw his inspiration from the real life of Harry Houdini, and then add Hugh Jackman singing gay songs.

An impressive creative team has quietly assembled around the project, including playwright Aaron Sorkin, composer Danny Elfman, lyricist Glenn Slater, and director Jack O’Brien — and despite repeated delays, Elfman says work on Houdini is now well underway.
Next up is a first reading of the script, scheduled for January. After that, Elfman estimates that the show could open in early 2012 — though we wouldn’t be surprised to see it on Broadway even sooner if the reading goes well. [Popwatch]

I won’t pretend I understand musicals.  Maybe it would help if they stopped making musicals about absolutely anything.  But I am interested in the idea of Aaron Sorkin writing one.  Seems like Hugh Jackman’s major challenge will be his ability to carry a tune with the back-up singers constantly interrupting him to clarify something he sang three lines ago.

"Help, I cahn't escape from me collah, lol."

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