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05.28.08 26 Comments

Sony has decided to make a Spider-Man 4 and 5 back to back regardless of whether any of the original cast returns or whether anyone wants to see another Spider-Man movie. 

Word around the internets is that the frontrunners for the role of Spidey are Patrick Fugit (of Almost Famous almost fame) and Michael Angarano (the mini Lebeouf from Forbidden Kingdom).  Apparently they’re looking for douchey and pre-pubescent.  Too harsh, you say?  Fugit on Almost Famous: “I actually thought Led Zeppelin was one person.”  Anyone willing to admit that in public clearly has not gotten his ass kicked enough times.

I don’t get this casting. I mean, is it so much to ask that a guy playing a superhero be someone I actually want to see wearing spandex?  And I don’t think I’m alone on this one, right guys?  Guys?  Anyway, no word yet on who’ll play the female lead, but based on the fact that I’m never going to see this… Carmen Electra?  Sure, why not.

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