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Bruce Greenwood has been cast as Captain Christopher Pike, the captain of the Enterprise during the pilot episode of the original Star Trek who was replaced by Kirk/Shatner, in JJ Abrams’s upcoming Star Trek XI

But that’s not nearly as interesting as what I learned from

Here we honor an extraordinarily gifted actor whose complex performances have garnered him a legion of loyal fans [?].  From his teenaged Canadian theatre credits through his intricate interpretations in the award-winning films Exotica and The Sweet Hereafter, from the affable ambivalence of Seth Griffin in St. Elsewhere to the aching vulnerability of Thomas Veil in Nowhere Man, from the slick duplicity of Nicholas Parsons in Double Jeopardy to the powerfully understated heroism of President John F. Kennedy in Thirteen Days, Bruce Greenwood is an actor of vast range and concentrated intelligence whose quiet core of integrity, impish personal charm and ruggedly handsome good looks have combined to create characters of such diversity that their only common ground is the honesty and commitment of the skilled actor who portrays them.

Oh dear God please tell me he maintains this site himself.  This is too good to be true.  Learn more interesting facts about Bruce Greenwood, after the jump

(Also courtesy of Did you know that Bruce Greenwood:

o    was born in Noranda Quebec because his Vancouver-born father was working on a mining project there at the time?

o    is left handed?

o    spent the first three years of his life in Princeton, NJ where his father got his graduate degrees, the next three years in Washingon DC and Maryland and the three after that back in Princeton?

o    has two younger sisters: Kelly – who’s a nurse – and Lynn – who’s a Mom, book keeper and a Usana Health Sciences Associate?

o    had the nickname "Greendog" while growing up?

o    has a grandmother from Edinburgh and his great-grandfather was the Royal Astronomer for Scotland, who helped discover the almucantar?

o    watched television rarely as a child since it was rationed and he saved up his half-hours to view Wide World of Sports on weekends?

o    dislikes scarey films and – as a child – was even frightened by the monkeys in The Wizard of Oz?

o    used to hide in the basement as a child whenever he was upset?

o    was raised mostly in Vancouver, where his family moved when he was 11?

o    never lived in one place longer than four years?

o    is an avid outdoorsman, who skis, skydives, sails and hikes?

o    became an enthusiastic golfer during his year with Nowhere Man and occassionally participates in celebrity tournaments?

o    lost a front tooth in a tussle some years ago and cheerfully removed it for his part in The Sweet Hereafter?

o    graduated from high school in Zurich, Switzerland, where his family lived for 13 months while his father did research?

o    lived on his own after Switzerland exploring the European ski circuit?

o    planned on becoming a professional skier until he injured his knee when he was 16?

o    has had six operations on his right knee, the last one early in 1997?

o    always wears a brace on his right knee for skiing and other sports?

o    participated in celebrity ski tournaments during his two seasons with St. Elsewhere?

o    regularly plays and performs in celebrity golf tournaments?

o    first became interested in acting when he saw Brad Dourif’s performance as Billy Bobbitt in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest in 1975?

o    went to Magee secondary school in the Kerrisdale area of Vancouver?

o    attended the University of British Columbia for three years where his father was Head of the Geology Department and his mother was a nurse in the extended care unit?

o    studied philosophy and economics at UBC and only took his first drama class for an easy credit?

o    debuted as an actor swinging across stage à la Tarzan in a theater production at UBC?

o    began his professional acting career in the theatre in Vancouver and didn’t decide to act for sure till after his first professional play?

o    auditioned in 1982 for an important part in Psycho II?

o    was supplementing his theatrical career with a job in a chemical factory when he unexpectedly got the part in his first movie, Bear Island?

o    was working on a drilling crew in northern Alberta when a director called with a part in the musical Cruel Tears?

o    broke his leg during a dance routine in the touring company of Cruel Tears?

o    damaged the same leg in a motorcycle accident.three days after the cast came off, a little stunt that left him on crutches for eight more months?

o    played a life-sized puppet in best buddy Norman Foote’s earliest shows for children?

o    once worked as a diamond driller in the North West Territories to earn money to study at The London Central School of Speech and Learning?

o    left college one year short of graduation to visit Greece and work on a sailboat — still his favorite job, ever?

o    bought a motorcycle the year after that to cruise the United States?

o    attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC for a full year in 1980-1981where he lived on Bleecker St. in the Village and used a skateboard as transportation?

o    originally had 12 lines in the Stallone film First Blood and even though his speaking part was cut to a walk-on still got listings in the credits?

o    had his first big screen role in the pilot of the HBO series The Hitchhiker?

o    came to Los Angeles in 1983 to dub dialog in The Hitchhiker, where he "conditionally" acquired his first agent and got the lead in Legmen — all within a week?

o    auditioned for the lead in Falconer in 1984 but was dubbed too youthful looking for the part?

o    prompted his parents to buy their first color television set when he got the lead in Legmen?

o    invented an inflatable hat (with best friend Norman Foote) shaped like the Vancouver Stadium Dome for The Grey Cup of 1983?

o    did Canadian television in Vancouver and tried to establish an acting career in Toronto before moving to Los Angeles in 1984?

o    auditioned for both leads in Legmen, then was used to audition his side kick?

o    dated his wife for the first time when they were both 15?

o    lived in a two-bedroom apartment in Laurel Canyon after moving to L.A. and drove a 1972 Toyota pick-up truck?

o    had a year-long contract with Warner Brothers to do television pilots in 1984?

o    initially refused his breakthrough role in St Elsewhere because he was filming the movie Another Chance but managed to work on both jobs simultaneously for several weeks?

o    didn’t own an operable television set for many years after his move to L.A.?

o    can do a definitive rogue elephant trumpeting impression?

o    has appeared nude twice on film – in Wild Orchid and the first episode of The Hitchhiker — and once on stage – in the play Bent?

o    has done some theatre work in Los Angeles, including an original comedy called Deconstructing Romance while on Knots Landing in January 1992?

o    broke his ankle in 1985 filming The Climb while on location in the mountains of Pakistan?

o    broke his middle finger in 1991 while appearing in Knots Landing?

o    won a Gemini (the Canadian Emmy) for Best Performance by an Actor in a Guest Role for his performance of Caleb Stokes in Road to Avonlea in 1995?

o    was nominated for a Gemini for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role for his performance of Dr. Willem Hooft in The Little Kidnappers in 1990?

o    has been nominated twice for a Genie (the Canadian Oscar) for Best Performance by an Actor: in 1994 for his performance of Francis Brown in Exotica and in 1997 for his performance of Billy Ansell in The Sweet Hereafter?

o    attended the Cannes Film Festival of 1994 with Exotica and again in 1997 for The Sweet Hereafter?

o    attended the 1997 Vancouver Film Festival for The Sweet Hereafter and again in 2004 for Being Julia?

o    was with Atom Egoyan in NYC accepting the "Best Performance by an Ensemble" award for The Sweet Hereafter when word came of Egoyan’s two Oscar nominations for the film?

o    considers This is Spinal Tap his favorite film?

o    refused to have a publicist till 2000 in anticipation of Thirteen Days’ December release?

o    never attended a Hollywood premiere until 1997 when he went to the Fathers’ Day premiere?

o    has been married for 15 years and has known his wife for more than 25 years?

o    cannot own a pet because of his travels but does have a cement dog named Rascal?

o    has known Norman Foote for over 20 years and was "Best Man" at his 1991 wedding?

o    rented a home in Vancouver for several years in the 1990s and always used a bicycle for transportation there — even on rainy days?

o    rented a house in Portland with a basement gym during his season with Nowhere Man?

o    filmed a public service message for Northwest Medical Teams on the plight of Romanian orphans while on Nowhere Man?

o    loves to pepper his speech with sound effects and foreign accents?

o    began making talking books in 1996, which employs his penchant for dialects?

o    owns the tuxedo he wore in Treacherous Beauties?

o    stopped smoking after the pilot of Nowhere Man?

o    auditioned for the parts of Dr. Jeffrey Geiger in Chicago Hope and Mike Ryan in Absolutely Perfect?

o    auditioned together with Steven Culp (who was cast as RFK to Bruce’s JFK) for his breakthrough role in Thirteen Days?

o    was in grade school in Bethesda, MD during the Cuban Missile Crisis and remembers the preparations for possible war vividly?

o    loves to travel and accepts many roles for their exotic locales — his favorite being New Zealand, where Adrift was filmed?

o    is an avid musician and relaxes by singing and playing his electric guitar?

o    composes music – mostly for pleasure – but contributes regularly to the recordings of his good friends: Gregg Henry and Norman Foote, a children’s performer?

o    considers dawn the best part of the day?

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