Friday Free for All: Sudanese Rapper Bangs does commercial

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07.30.10 32 Comments

Friday Free for All is the time of the week I reserve for all the things I really wanted to post that might not be strictly movie-related.  So please, do not ask me “Dude, how is this movie related?” Or I will punch you. Send your tips to, but only if they don’t suck.

If you don’t know who Bangs is, you need to drop everything right now (EVEN IF YOU ARE HOLDING A BABY) and watch this video .  In a subculture that’s often accused of misogyny, criminality, homophobia, and unchecked materialism, Sudanese-born rapper Bangs is an oasis of politeness and wanting to buy you popcorn.

Bangs recently parlayed his level of awesome internet fame into a Honda commercial in his adopted homeland of Australia (he’s lived in Melbourne since 2004) — hence the multi-colored Monopoly money and steering wheel on the right side.  The theme of the commercial (“How much rap can you fit into a Jazz?”) also exemplifies the charming, characteristic Australian awkwardness with black culture.  It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense (chicks and gold chains equals… rap?).  But the central conceit of the plot is forgiven when we get to hear Bangs sing a rap song about the Honda Jazz.  It’s hard to choose, but I think my favorite line was:

“10 cups holders in this car
so your drink be by your side
never far.”

If you don’t like Bangs, you have no soul.

[via Bossip]

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