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02.27.09 28 Comments

So, slight disclaimer on this story: it contains little or no facts, and I’m only posting it only because I’m intrigued by the sheer obscurity of it.  This is the email tip I got:

“Eric Stolhanske from Super Troopers for some odd reason is on a workout video. He appears as one of the workout demonstrators on a series called P90X. He is on the plyometrics disc of the videos and really does a good job.  Not once do they say that he is in movies or is an actor.  They just say that his name is Eric. Also, not only does he do a good job with the workout but the kicker is that he has a prosthetic leg!” [Editor’s Note: “The kicker,” get it?  Cute.]

I can’t find any video of it online, but there have been discussions about the same topic here, here, here, here, and here, all on obscure websites or “workout blogs.”  I’ve noticed the guy’s leg in his movies, nor does it say anything about it on his Wikipedia or IMDB bio. The next obvious explanation is that there’s just a guy in the P90 videos who looks like Eric Stolhanske.  HOWEVER, it could be that the point of all this was to get us talking about a workout video no one had heard of before today (it’s going straight to the top!  All on the strength of… some guy from Super Troopers!).  SO, if this is some kind of publicity stunt for P90X… I say kudos, on easily the most bizarre, random, diabolical and esoteric publicity stunt ever orchestrated.  This reminds me of that old Tae Bo video Cate Blanchett was in before she was famous.  I hear there’s a labe shot at 12:54 if you pause it just right.

UPDATE: Someone just emailed me what he says are screencaps from the video which appear to verify the story. So, uh, maybe he has a prosthetic and likes to work out.  Good for him.

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