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11.26.07 22 Comments

The big story this weekend was Enchanted, making $50 million on 3,730 screens (also, some people were pissed when they thought they heard the F-word in it, but it turned out to be bogus). 

Since it’s a Disney flick currently tracking above 90% recommended on RT, the news wasn’t that surprising.  What was surprising was This Christmas taking the number two spot, grossing $27 million on 1,858 screens (that’s $14,531 per), and topping both Beowulf and Hitman.  This for a movie with a $13 million budget (and from the looks of it, could’ve been shot for a lot less). 

Roughly 65% of the aud was African-American, while 59% were females and 43% between the ages of 17 and 34. “We couldn’t be happier. Everything about the movie worked. And it certainly crossed over,” Sony prexy of distribution Rory Bruer said. “It had universal appeal.” [Variety]

Oh, and I bet movie execs will take in this news with the kind of circumspection we’ve come to expect of them.  Personally, I can’t wait to see what gets produced with the hope of scoring the now-lucrative black movie market – I’m lovin’ it.  Which reminds me, Look for I’m Lovin’ It: The Movie some time next year.   

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