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I saw this latest commercial for Guitar Hero over on WithLeather and realized I’ve been meaning to cover this. The ad above was directed by Brett Ratner as part of his Brett Ratner Brands deal in which companies actually pay Brett Ratner to tell them what’s cool.

Ratner says the ad shows how the game brings people together. “This is a situation where you’d never (normally) see these four guys in a room together,” says Ratner, who also directed an earlier Risky Business-themed Guitar Hero TV commercial, as well more famous fare, such as X Men: The Last Stand and TV’s Prison Break. “Once you get a guitar and your favorite song on that game, it breaks down all barriers.”  His on-set direction to each athlete: “Rock out.”  [USA Today]

It’s not a bad commercial, but what I love is how he talks about it as if it took 15 years to develop.

Recently, I asked Brett about the nachos he’d just made.  “So before I made these nachos, I was at the movie theater.  The thing about movie theater nachos is that they only come with a little corner of cheese.  So I was talking to my buddy Dradle Feldberger, the CEO of Tostitos, and were just saying how it’s weird that in the movie theater you get a soda and, you know, it’s like a 64 ounce job, or you get popcorn and it’s just slathered in butter sauce, but you get nachos, and they hardly give you any cheese!  So when I made these nachos I thought, Hey, why don’t I make these like a plate of nachos that the whole family can enjoy?  So I got some Velveeta – everyone loves that smooth cheese feeling, I mean, how could you not, right?  Then next I added some black olives, just for, you know, like a Mediterranean feel.  Next I added some ground beef.  What’s more American than ground beef, you know?  I mean, I know nachos are Mexican, but they’re sort of American too, right?  It’s like my buddy Schlomo Feldstein, the CFO of TJ Maxx, he dated a Mexican lady once, and that was cool.  So then next, I added some sour cream.  Some people say sour cream is unnecessary when you use Velveeta, but I just thought, you know, I wanted these to be this inclusive, all-encompassing plate of nachos, you know?  Plus, who doesn’t like sour cream?  I mean, it’s not like it’s actually sour, you know?  Then after that I added more ground beef.  One thing we had to be careful of was to not put so much topping that the chips underneath got soggy, you know?  Because I was talking to my buddy the other day, Milton Greenbaum, OPP of Wachovia, and we were just talking about how much we hate soggy nachos….”

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