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Opening this weekend:

Inglourious Basterds — If I have to explain to you what this movie is about, then I’m sorry about that coma you just recovered from.  Welcome back.  Now take off that hypercolor t-shirt; you look like a damn hipster.

Post Grad (trailer) — “This summer . . . look for a job . . . look for love . . . find yourself.”  . . . F–k yourself.
Oh hello there, Michael Keaton.  I didn’t know you were still alive.

Shorts — Another kids’ movie written/directed by Robert Rodriguez.  Instead of casting his girlfriend in this one he cast his son.  ‘Nuf said.

Fifty Dead Men Walking — Jim Sturgess and Special K star in this film based on the life of an Irish street hustler who spied on the Irish Republican Army.

My One and Only (trailer) — Renee Zellweger whores her way across the country.  Also, she’s in this movie.

Headless Woman (trailer) — A woman thinks she may have hit someone with her car and tries to discover what happened while her husband attempts to cover up any evidence.  The synopsis says this is about “the intricacies of class in a male dominated society”.  Really?  I thought they were trying to say old white women can’t drive.

Five Minutes of Heaven — Contrary to what your father may have told you, this isn’t a film about the love he and I share.

~ robopanda [picture source, because I didn’t feel like posting another Inglourious Basterds banner]

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