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06.05.08 41 Comments

A while back I reported the awesome-sounding news that Werner Herzog would be remaking Harvey Keitel classic Bad Lieutenant with Nic Cage in the lead role.  Today, the German director is saying it’s not a remake.

"No, it’s not a remake," he told us quite adamantly. "You have to delete that from your memory, though we may not be able to delete it from public perception. It’s like I keep saying, ‘A James Bond film, the newest one, is not a remake of the previous one; it’s a completely different story.’

Yes, that’s called a sequel.  Once you’re familiar with the language, you can use a single word, like "banana", rather than having to say "it’s like a phallic yellow apple".

"It only has a corrupt policeman as the central character and that’s about it."

So… you’re making a movie with the same title and same basic plot as another, but we’re the idiots for thinking they’re somehow related?  But tell us, Werner, who’s on first?    

"You won’t be able to make it clear, because it will perpetuate itself," he lamented when it was suggested that word might get out that this is a different movie. "Once a notion like this is out, you can never correct it. Of course, it’s very fascinating to work with Nicolas Cage, he really wanted me to be the director on this film. It can’t get any better." [ComingSoon]

The only part of that I understood was the part about him wanting to work with Nic Cage.  I need to go lie down.

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