03.19.09 10 years ago 22 Comments

From what I can tell the video below the cut, “What’s in the Box?”, first showed up on /Film. It’s some kind of futuristic, first-person short film, but beyond that, no one’s entirely sure what it is yet. /Film thinks it might be an SFX demo reel, but it looks a little too polished and big budgeted. To me if smells like viral marketing of some kind.

The short was shot in the Netherlands, Nijmegen to be exact, using a bunch of assets taken directly from Half-Life, and music from the television show Lost. The YouTube page says that “This is a early temp version. Will be deleted soon” and the video’s title is What’s in the Box? – Test Film 2009.”

In any case, it’s pretty cool. I recommend watching it next time you have nine minutes to spare.  It’s sort of like Children of Men meets Cloverfield, but shot with a steadicam so it’s not so vomit-inducing, and without all the annoying douchebags talking to the camera.  I hate that.  Far as I’m concerned, the only thing annoying douchbags are allowed to talk to is THE HAND.  *snaps fingers in a circle*

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