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01.13.09 32 Comments

Below I have the new trailer for the Charlie Bronson movie.  No, not the Charlie Bronson, the other one.  This Charlie Bronson is “the most violent prisoner in Britain”, a guy who was originally sentenced to seven years in 1974 for armed robbery after stealing $43, then spent the next 30 out of 35 years in prison in solitary confinement (because he was so violent, lol!).  Synopsis:

With twisted imagery, the music of Wagner and Pet Shop Boys, and a stunning performance by Tom Hardy, [Director Nicolas] Refn creates an aesthetic that is both complicit in Charlie’s violence but also theatrical. Charlie narrates his own story before an audience, and the movie is just an extension of this burlesque staging. Our moral compass reeling, we’re tempted to see him as an animal, but violence is simply the fullest expression of his identity. Overjoyed by his fame and ever-increasing capacity for harm, Charlie walks the cellblock beaming with pride. He has become somebody. He is—quite terrifyingly—the hero of his own story. [Twitch]

Nice synopsis. My moral compass often reels, but only because it doubles as a fishing pole – they say I have a Swiss-army conscience.  Also, when you say “burlesque staging”, does that mean, like, pasties on his cock?  Anyway, Bronson opens in the UK March 13th and at Sundance this month.  And if it’s as much a complicit aesthetic burlesque as they say, I’m sure we won’t have to wait long for the US release.

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