A New ‘Far Cry 5’ Trailer Arrives At E3 2017 With A Bang

Far Cry 5 looks to be taking some bold steps, which is saying something for a video game where “being eaten by a bear” is a very real way to die. But, so far, the marketing has been a deadly serious look at a cult overrunning a small Montana town. Now it’s time to cater to the other side of the Far Cry franchise — namely the ridiculous excessive violence. And this time you’ve got a dog that fetches guns from the cultists you blow away!

Yes, this trailer is substantially more lighthearted, but it does show off some gameplay elements. Boomer the Dog likely already has his own fan club, but the trailer puts the emphasis on teamwork, both in that you can hire backup to help you gun down the cultists, and that once again your friends can drop in to help out, in this case by crashing a reinforced semi through a roadblock. Or by running somebody over with a combine.

While the game will likely deal with some very serious concerns, and some people are already complaining about it, it looks to be, well, a pretty typical open-world video game, with all the antics that entails. Now, where’s Hurk, and what’s he strapped a grenade to this time?

(Via Ubisoft)