Thanos Leaves ‘Fortnite’ Soon, So Wield The Infinity Gauntlet And Dab While You Can

Entertainment Editor
05.15.18 2 Comments

Epic Games

As quickly as it began, Thanos’ reign on Fortnite‘s island of chaos will come to an end sometime today, May 15. It was great while it lasted, and the Infinity War “limited time” crossover event truly was limited to just a few days, and while fans are calling for Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet to stay as a regular mode for the uber-popular game, it’s not happening. Dance while you can, Mad Titans.

Maybe, if fans are lucky, the mode can pop up again around the blu-ray release, and then when Avengers 4/Infinity War Part 2 drops in theaters. Otherwise, it feels like this was an expensive, brief, and effective marketing stunt that could’ve been something that would be part of the lexicon forever.

Or maybe this is only the beginning. The basic premise of the ultra-powerful singular character in a relatively asymmetrical competition could definitely go places. Thor’s hammer could basically be the Infinity Gauntlet if they wanted to bring more Marvel characters into play, or maybe Iron Man’s suit. Anything. They can get creative on this, and the collaboration between Epic Games and Marvel has been so successful in enthralling the culture that there’s no way they exit without a followup in place. In other words: Winter Soldier crossover, please.

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