‘Pokémon Go’ Fans Are Using Autocorrect And Other Ingenious Methods To Hilariously Name Pokémon

It started last week — around the same time Pokémon Go was becoming more popular than Tinder — when Twitter user Adnelle said, “I name my Pokemon whatever autocorrect turns their names into. it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.”

As she relayed to BuzzFeed, the idea came when she texted her friends to brainstorm a name for her Meowth, but her phone autocorrected it as “Hey guys what should I name my Keith?” She told BuzzFeed, “I was like, ‘Well damn. I guess it’s decided.'”

We’re not sure how Meowth ended up as “Keith,” but it’s perfect.

And there were more where that came from:

Some other Twitter users replied to her tweet with their own autocorrected Pokémon:

“Krantz” and “Subaru” were popular autocorrects.


Such a Patrick.


This is so deep.

Squirtle no!


Autocorrect wasn’t the only creative Pokémon naming method, however.

Other Twitter users had their own ideas:

And clearly, things can get downright horrifying…

(Via BuzzFeed, Adnelle, Mike Mulloy, Teenage Shirtbag, and Will Garroutte)