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The Michael Jackson 3D epic Captain EO had it’s first reopened showing to the public at Disneyland this week, and if you were afraid that comic fans were the only ones to dress up in costume and make regular people feel uncomfortable, you can rest easy. Or at least try to sleep after realizing that numerous fans lined up overnight dressed up in Michael’s EO costume to get in and see watch the video, which is somehow creepier than even Michael himself.

Many of the fans even showed up in T-shirts that were given out at the opening ceremony of the ride back in 1986, which amazingly still fit. Because if you think fitness, you think “obsessive Theme Park fans.”

Here’s a video recap of the show’s reopening day. It begs the question…is this how the outside world sees comic geeks? Cause to me this is still somehow sadder…although I don’t think I can really say how.

[Disney Parks Blog]

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