The First Image From ‘American Gods’ Shows Off Gillian Anderson As Marilyn Monroe

The upcoming American Gods TV series is Neil Gaiman’s take on mythology. The basic premise is that the gods are really formed of our thoughts and beliefs. So, as we get attached to something, a god of sorts forms around it, and the old gods of yore are not happy with the new kids. If that’s not interesting enough, TV maestro Bryan Fuller of Hannibal and Pushing Daisies fame is running the show, and he’s bringing a few friends along with him.

We know Gillian Anderson has been cast as Media, but it’s a bit up in the air just what that means. At least until Anderson shared this over Twitter:

If you’re wondering, that’s an old-school TV remote she’s holding. And while the background is blurry, there’s no mistaking the image of Marilyn Monroe she’s meant to evoke. Which is certainly an interesting angle to take, especially as it’s deliberately chosen to be of a specific era, namely the early 1960s.

We suspect Anderson’s look will shift depending on what’s happening on the show. Any chance we could get Bowie in there? As for when we’ll get to see just what the gods are up to, the series is currently slated to premiere on Starz in 2017.

(Via ScreenRant)