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The Internet’s Best Animal-Related Public Postings [Uproxx]

Will dualbooks enhance education? [UproxxNews]

Tom Hardy joins Batman 3 cast, hopefully as a character who has to always be naked [Filmdrunk]

Antoine Dodson Sings ‘Bed Intruder’ Live at the BET Awards [

Man vs. Dog, eating contest style [WithLeather]

LOLNFL captioned photos, week 5 [KissingSuzyKolber]

What It Takes to Make The Walking Dead [UGO]

Canada vs. Mexico: Who’s the Better Neighbor? [TheSmokingJacket]

11 Entertaining Ways Music Saved The Day On Glee [Koldcast]

Tennis ball magic [WithLeather]

Awesome Stuff From The 80’s [EgoTV]

The Ladies of the New York Comic Con [Gunaxin]

A Gallery of Rare Empire Strikes Back Shots [Unreality]

VIDEO BELOW: Hadouken the cat doesn’t like the lights being turned off. [via Arbroath]

[Pictures via Reddit / Pauly and THD]

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