Jason Momoa’s ‘Aquaman’ Finally Has A Villain

We haven’t heard too much regarding the upcoming Aquaman film due in 2018, aside from jokes about how he talks to fish. We know that horror director James Wan will be adding some of his scary touch to a bit of the proceedings, but our knowledge of the movie has mostly been limited to brief glimpses in trailers. But supposedly we have now learned the villain he’ll be up against, and it’s a member of the Legion of Doom.

The Wrap claims that Black Manta, Aquaman’s most popular villain, and really the only one of note in Aquaman lore, is coming to screens. Manta’s an intriguing choice because he’s had a litany of backstories over the years: Currently, he’s a former pirate out for revenge on Aquaman, but they can do pretty much anything with him. He’s even been a fish-man at a few points.

He’s also, in the past, been a member of the Suicide Squad, which offers a few intriguing crossovers considering how the Squad is doing in theaters at the moment. The main question, of course, is casting, and personally, we’re rooting for Samuel L. Jackson. He still owes that shark from Deep Blue Sea a little revenge, after all. We’ll see who’s under the mask when Aquaman debuts in 2018.

(via The Wrap)