Archie Comics Acknowledges Gays, Torrid Love Triangle

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04.26.10 5 Comments

It’s pretty hard to find subtext in Archie comics.  About the only confusing and scary thing about them is that they continue to sell and to be on newsstands, despite the fact that absolutely nobody reads them, except possibly your grandmother.

And yet, Archie continues to see sales from somewhere, presumably as disappointing stocking stuffers.  And also, Archie has to continue to try and be as mainstream and inoffensive as possible.  So it’s a victory for gays everywhere, we guess, that Kevin Keller, an openly gay teenager just as bland and mild as the rest of the cast, is going to start appearing in the pages of Archie Comics comics come September 1st.  Apparently he beats Jughead at a burger-eating contest and this somehow seduces Veronica.  On the other hand, Kevin is at least given the ability to be observant about Archie, Veronica and Betty that the rest of Riverdale seems to lack.  The comic page where he asks what we’ve all been thinking for decades after the jump.

Will Archie become a polygamist next? We’re pretty sure there’s already fanart to that effect.

Also, kudos to Jughead for not even being mildly weirded out. We always knew he was…ahem…mellow.

[via Geekologie]

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