Augmented Reality Magazine Offers Word Balloons, Crossword Cheats

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08.26.10 4 Comments

No, the cover at right is not augmented reality…but don’t you wish it were?

Augmented reality, for the newcomers in our studio audience, is where a computer interface, usually a smart phone, overlays information onto a real image. For example, you might play a game where you hold your smart phone in front of you, and the phone shows you what’s in front of you, but adds pits you have to jump over. Yes, that example makes you look like a huge dork, but the technology itself is pretty neat and offers an opportunity to create some interactions between technology and print that don’t currently exist.

Leave it to the Germans to use this technology for magazines…and leave it to print media to drop the ball so hard it shatters concrete. Here’s the demo:

See, isn’t it amazing, the dynamic hyperlinks to more information, the addition of details and annotations to the text, and otherwise practical and important ideas for augmented reality and print that aren’t featuring in this video in any way, shape or form? Instead they have a moving cover, some word balloons, and some pop-up images.

In other words, they’re treating something that could salvage their business model as a gimmick. Great job, guys! Enjoy obsolescence!

[ via GoRumors ]

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