01.29.10 8 years ago

How unlikely is it that Guy Ritchie wants to make a movie about DC’s intergalactic, hook-wielding, space-bike-riding, bounty hunter Lobo? Well now it’s really $%#!ing unlikely.

The LA Times is reporting that because of the success of his steampunky Sherlock Holmes flick ($400 million worldwide), Ritchie has decided to sign right up for a Sherlock sequel, postponing the Lobo film. Joel Silver, who’s producing both Lobo and Sherlock 2, said that they’d probably go ahead with a different director for Lobo, rather than wait.

This is actually the second comic film to be disrupted by the sequel, as Robert Downey Jr. dropped out of Jon Favreau’s Cowboys vs. Aliens adaptation to hang out with Jude Law again.

So the message from Ritchie is clear: Bite Me Fanboys!

[LA Times via Scificool]

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