12.02.09 8 years ago 6 Comments

The guys over at CHUD interviewed David Berg, who’ll be directing the big screen adaptation of the Parker Brother’s peg-warfare-based game Battleship. While you might assume it would be about regular old naval warcraft (seeing as it’s a game about putting World War II ships on a numbered grid), but apparently the movie’s going in a different direction – it’ll be about fighting Aliens…in boats.

Yep, the movie will involve humans battling aliens called The Regents, who will be done with a mix of actors and CGIs. And yes, they’ll come to earth from space, but their ships will land in the ocean and fight as regular boats….because flying has never been an advantage in battle. Oh, and their mighty space-boats don’t have lasers or any other space-age weaponry, but good old fashioned ballistic weapons. But despite their lack of weapons that we currently have, they can defeat our best technology (such as radar), so we have to find another way to find their ships (like looking around and pointing.) Oh, and someone’s going to say “You sunk my battleship” because as ridiculous as this whole thing is sounding, it would’ve been weirder if they didn’t say it.


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