03.15.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

Pic unrelated.  And awesome.

Below is the video of Robocop battling Robocop 2, which is awesome all by itself, but then someone dubbed in Bender’s voice as Robocop 2.  Just when I think they’ve run out of apropos quotes from Bender Bending Rodriguez  (that’s his full name), they come up with a new one and crack me up.  Bender saying “these people really know how to die” and yelling “kill all humans” while shooting people is so wrong I want to stick a red ribbon on it.  I haven’t laughed this much at robot fighting since the time my robodog tried to hump my Dyson.  True story, if by “Dyson” I mean “my leg” and by “tried to” I mean “wouldn’t do so even though I specifically programmed him for this purpose.”


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