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If you thought the original Bioshock was disturbingly creepy, well… you’re going to think Bioshock 2 is too. The launch trailer is out and it isn’t much more than we’ve seen in gameplay footage, but you get to see some more glimpses of one of the “Big Sisters” and the violent deaths by fire, drilling and ice-smashing of several splicers.

Bioshock 2 picks up 10 years after the original and you play a prototype “Big Daddy” -if you haven’t played Bioshock, that’s one of the diving-suited monstrosities that protected the sea-slug invested little girls called “Little Sisters.” But then if you haven’t played Bioshock, you have no idea what I’m talking about. While your Big Daddy was originally going to be the first prototype, supposedly you’re now the fourth – the first one to be linked with a little sister.

I gotta say, I wasn’t sure how they were going to do a sequel to Bioshock, but putting you in charge of a Big Daddy seems like the perfect choice, especially since they’re also letting you still use plasmids and you can now dual-wield, too! But then, they had at me at “shoving a giant drill hand into people.”

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