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So, the bat-return we all knew was coming is upon us. Yep, Bruce Wayne is coming back from the prehistoric, actual Batcave his soul was left in at the end of Final Crisis. But he won’t be just coming straight back to the DCU, he’ll instead be popping up across time and taking up different Batpersonas like a caveman Batman and pirate Batman before gets be Batman Batman again.

Grant Morrison will be writing the six-issue miniseries The Return Of Bruce Wayne, which will find Bruce Wayne fighting through time to come back to modern-day Gotham. While Morrison didn’t reveal the method through which Wayne will be traveling through time, apparently stories will happen in the Late-Paleolithic Era, a Pilgrim-era Gotham Village, and Gotham in Western or “noir” style.

Looks like Joel Schumacher was right: Batman really is forever. (Although for everything else he’s done, Schumacher can go suck a batsuit’s nipple.)

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