Captain America Clashes With Iron Man On ‘Empire’ Magazine’s Massive ‘Civil War’ Issue

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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao may have had all the charm of a Funyuns farting jag, but at least we have another fight of the century on the horizon with unquestionably better odds of delivering. If this tiny sliver of a chunklet of a morsel of a preview located on the cover of the latest issue of Empire is anything to go by, it’s going to b– *salivates over keyboard in an unprofessional manner*

Yup, we’ve got Captain America and Iron Man squaring off on the cover the British film mag giving a teensy idea of what’s to come from Marvel’s upcoming Captain America: Civil War. Depending on your perspective, either superhero could be seen as being on offence or defence. It’s sort of like that “is it a vase or is it two faces” thing but with mega powerful comic book characters that could kill us all if they’re not extremely careful. (Y’know, sorta like the tone of one of them Kramer vs Kramer magazine covers.) Robert Downey Jr. liked the front of the publication enough that he plunked it on his Facebook and Twitter accounts for the world to see.

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