Captain America’s Movie Costume Is Pretty Ultimate?

06.02.10 8 years ago

You gotta admit, Captain America’s classic outfit is pretty crazy to bring into combat. (Heck, those head-wings are just dying to get caught in something.) Back in February, director Joe Johnston revealed that Cap will have two outfits. He’ll have one that’s given to him for USO appearances, which will be closer to his classic Kirby comic style. But, when cap gets out into actual combat, he’ll make a combat outfit based on actual Army gear.

Mike Sampson over at JoBlo claims to have seen Cap’s movie costume and apparently it’s a lot like the WWII Ultimates version: A helmet with mask-like goggles, brown leather boots, etc. The one big change? Apparently he starts out with the disc-like shield rather than his classic diamond-style version seen above. Sounds like he might be throwing it before the movie’s over.


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