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09.16.10 2 Comments

A Guide To Surviving School This Year, With Tips By A Former Inmate [Uproxx]

The DVD Is Dead, Long Live 3D TV? [UproxxNews]

Pro Football + Internet Culture: The NFL and the Summer’s Hottest Memes, Together at Last [KSK]

Awesomely true story: Werner Herzog pulled Joaquin Phoenix from car wreck [Filmdrunk]

How to make Lady Gaga interesting: CSI Miami jokes [

Hot Reporter Upset About Being Hot [WithLeather]

Jay-Z’s Corporate Takeover To Hit European Soccer? [TSS]

The 50 Best Colleges For Men 2010-2011 [Guyism]

21 Awesome Police Cars [Maxim]

The Women of Video Game Movies: Resident Evil to Super Mario [UGO]

Release the delicious Kraken [Buzzfeed]

Lindsay Lohan is topless and smoking. Must be Thursday. [WWTDD]

FIRST VIDEO BELOW: This is what happens when you put a lighter in a blender. [via Geekosystem]

SECOND VIDEO BELOW: Fat cat in a little pot. [via Reddit]

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