‘Daredevil’s First Season Has Some Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

Part of the fun of any Marvel property is keeping a sharp eye out for little nods and crossovers. Some of them are big cameos, others are more subtle, but all are fun. And Daredevil is no exception.

As we’ve noted before, Daredevil has plenty of little nods to Agents of SHIELD, its network sister show, but the biggest is likely the fact that Inhuman hacker Daisy might have crossed paths with a young Matt Murdock. They were both living in the same orphanage, St. Agnes, at roughly the same time. So if SHIELD ever needs a lawyer, you might see Matt drop by to defend an old friend of his, or at least see if she needs any help.

Another touch, and one we’ll be intensely curious to see how it pays off, is the Iron Fist nod comes to anything. Madame Gau, who you might remember is one of the few people in the first season to thoroughly kick ol’ Hornhead’s butt, put the symbol of an Iron Fist foe on her heroin packets. Is she secretly from K’un L’un? Or is Steel Serpent connected to the Hand? We’ll likely find out, or at least gather more hints, on Friday.