Dolph Lundgren Wants To Break Ryan Reynolds As Cable In The ‘Deadpool’ Sequel

Warning: The following story contains minor Deadpool spoilers. 

By now it’s no secret that the time-traveling badass Cable will be a big part of the inevitable Deadpool sequel. Deadpool‘s post-credits scene spelled it out in no uncertain terms. Since then, there’s been plenty of speculation about who could play the giant gun-wielding antihero – some chose to take a Ryan Reynolds joke at face value and imagine Keira Knightley as Cable. Stephen Lang, a.k.a. the crusty colonel guy from Avatar, would also like to take a stab at the role.

Well, everybody else better move out of the way, because Ivan Drago himself has thrown his hat in the ring. Yup, when recently asked by The Nerdist what superhero he’d like to play, Dolph Lundgren had this to say

“That’s a good question. I heard in the one that just came out, the one with the funny mask, Deadpool, isn’t there a guy named Cable that’s coming? Well, I guess I could kick some butt doing that. He looks a little bit like Ivan Drago mixed with Gunnar Jensen.”

He sure does! I can’t think of many actors more perfect to play the battle-worn Cable than Lundgren. Of course, people will argue Lundgren is too far past his prime, but does that really matter with Deadpool? Honestly, Ryan Reynolds’ star wasn’t shining that brightly before Deadpool revived his career. I think casting the right name is more important than casting the most famous name in this case.

What do you think about Lundgren donning the pouches and shoulder pads? Have an even better name in mind? Chat about Cable in the comments below.

(Via The Nerdist)