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Ever read Frankenstein and think, “Hey, this would be much better if it was a mystery…and set in modern day New Orleans…and the Frankenstein’s monster could teleport.” Well, for some reason Dean Koontz did and he wrote three novels about them, with a fourth on the way, and now Ralph Winter and Terry Botwick have got the rights to make films out of them.

The novels find Victor Frankenstein, who’s greatly extended his lifespan and helped out buddies Hitler and Stalin, living under the name “Helios” in New Orleans. He’s trying to develop the “new race” – a bunch of immoral genetically created humans, but comes under the investigation of two police detectives and his original monster, who now calls himself Deucalion and spent time in a Tibetan monastery before trying to track down Frankenstein. Oh, and the monster’s horribly scarred from a time when Frankenstein blew up a bomb inside his head, so you know he’s going to be all angsty. (And judging by the cover of the books, that monster’s been doing nothing but crunches since the 1800’s.)

If any of this sounds vaguely familiar, the books were based on Koontz’s treatment for the 2004 USA movie Frankenstein, but because of creative differences between Koontz and the network, he left the project and it was changed before it was released. (Frankly, I think I would’ve bailed on the project too, if I’d found out the detectives were going to be played by Parker Posey and Adam Goldberg, but that’s just me.)


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