Debbie Gibson Versus Tiffany Versus Mega Python Versus Gatoroid

12.27.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

activist who releases the snakes (not a euphemism), and Tiffany will play a park ranger who comes up with a brilliant, alligator-related plan to deal with the snake problem.  And, really, what brilliant plans aren’t alligator-related?  Also, the film will feature Micky Dolenz as Himself (no, really).  So he’s still alive.

I understand what a Mega Python is, but Gatoroids?  Mamma says Gatoroids are angry because their little arms can’t reach with the Preparation-H.  Well, maybe that’s not it.  As the clips below explain, Gatoroids are so named because they were created by feeding steroids to gators.  As one does.  SCIENCE. After the jump are the five clips, including a cleavagey catfight between Tiffany and Debbie Gibson for some reason.

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