A ‘Doctor Strange’ Lego Set Offers Up A Spoiler

Lego sets can go either way in terms of spoilers. Sometimes they give away a key plot point, other times they, uh, don’t. Still, Doctor Strange’s new Lego set seems to be a safe bet for a plot spoiler, however minor.

Well, “spoiler” is a strong term. I think we all knew something large and tentacle-y was invading Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum. Still, it appears to be such a threat that even a foe like Baron Mordo will drop everything, grab a stick, and start beating back the otherworldly:

[Image Removed]

All Wong gets is some feather dusters? Come on, his family is an ancient order of monks that train from birth in the occult and martial arts to protect and assist the Sorcerer Supreme. He’s like a cross between Jackie Chan and Alfred Pennyworth. The man deserves at least a little dignity when translated out into extruded plastic.

Aside from the indignity visited upon Wong, the biggest question is whether that’s just a generic tentacle monster pulling itself into openings, as they do, or if it’s fighting game favorite Shuma Gorath. It lacks a few key features of Shuma, but it seems likely that the creepy starfish will make some sort of appearance. We’ll find out in November.

(via Comic Book Movie)