Dr. Dre Wants to Throw Down With Holst

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08.05.10 7 Comments

I’m not even going to waste my time pretending I know a damn thing about rap beyond Dr. Dre being an excellent producer. What makes this especially sad is that I grew up in Washington D.C. In the ’80s. I was surrounded by rap. What can I say? I’m just so white and nerdy.

Anyway, Dr. Dre is good enough to have punched through even the thickest of honky skulls (literally, if that photo is any indication), and has made enough money to do whatever he wants. And what he wants to do is an instrumental album about each of the planets in music.

If this sounds familiar, there was some obscure composer who tried it about a hundred years ago (that sound is a million classical fans screaming in rage). Although Gustav Holst was not esteemed for his, uh, “fat beats”, so we’re thinking this would sound substantially different.

Anyway, Dre has been working on this album for about two years, off and on, and apparently it’ll need to be in surround sound to get the full effect.  We’re just wondering who’ll guest on the rest of the album.  After all, ?uestlove and the Kronos Quartet were practically made for each other.

[ via Geekosystem ]

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