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05.04.10 2 Comments

What to do when your mom unfriends you. [Uproxx]

Trailer for Piranha 3D, AKA “boobs and Dr. Brown” [Filmdrunk]

Alex Trebek’s outtakes to a 900-number commercial. [WarmingGlow]

“Hey, race cars aren’t supposed to fly.” [WithLeather]

Awesome fan-made Iron Man 2 posters [ComicsAlliance]

“The researchers conclude that, when in the presence of a desirable female, the average male’s production of cortisol shoots up by roughly the same amount as it would if he were in the process of jumping from an airplane.” [Asylum]

Johnny Depp rescues friend from mugger. [Fark]

How to tell which Brendan Fraser movie you are watching (flowchart) [NextRound]

50 green apps (some of them free) that make every day Earth Day [TheBachelorGuy]

People shot in the face with cupcakes in super slow motion, because why not? [Urlesque]

VIDEO BELOW: This guy ghost riding a John Deere lawn tractor to Gucci Mane’s ‘Wasted’ could easily be the coolest guy in my neighborhood.  Yee to the Haw and you don’t stop. [DailyWhat]

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