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Lee Keeler of ClassyHands made this 70’s grindhouse-style trailer for The Lorax as a school project.  For those not familiar with Dr. Seuss’s’s’s’s book, I’m not going to explain it because it’s not my fault you had crappy parents.  Pardon me, Miss, I have problems of my own.

A twist on the original text: ‘The Lorax: He Speaks for the Tress’ is a mock Grindhouse trailer that chronicles the badassssss adventures of The Lorax, an ex-lumberjack-cum-pimp with a green thumb way up the keister of industrial America. The Onceler, his power-CEO arch-nemesis, kidnaps the Brown Barbaloots and holds the world for ransom under his maniacal chainsaw assaults. [/film]

The pacing seems a little strange, and the trailer had to stay safe for work, but I still laughed.  I also don’t have any punchline for this paragraph. *floats away through a hole in the smog*

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