Have Blizzard and Pop Cap Teamed Up To Eat All Of Your Time?

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Blizzard is famous for eating both your money and your time with World of Warcraft. Pop Cap is famous for eating your time and occasionally your money with insanely addictive casual games. And they’ve teamed up in the past, to put games like Peggle into World of Warcraft so you don’t have to click out. But now they’re fusing together like some sort of time-sucking Voltron.

The above image is from Cataclysm, and yes, that’s “Plants Vs. Zombies”. In-game. As a quest. They call it “Peaceblooms vs. Ghouls”. And yes, it’s official.

Presumably you don’t have to beat an extensive number of levels, but there is the kind of reward WoW fans love; an in-game pet. Oh, and apparently it racks up good experience points and offers up achievements, so it’s actually useful. Absurdly detailed video under the jump:

[ via Geekosystem ]

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