Hipster Dinosaurs Knew About These Links Before They Were Cool

08.30.10 8 years ago

Here are a bunch of prancing Michael Cera photoshops, including a few of my own [Uproxx]

Ridin’ Dirty With The News [UproxxNews]

Sexy news from Saturday [UproxxNews]

Hey girl, watch me rock this lap Casio while we sing about our feelings. [Filmdrunk]

“Wouldn’t this job be better if these girls could see each other’s cleavage? And kiss?” [KissingSuzyKolber]

Classiest divorce lawyer ad ever [WarmingGlow]

Red Alert: Crazy Russian On The Loose [WithLeather]

Goldeneye & Blood Stone 007 Game Previews [TheSmokingSection]

Eight Classic Songs that Would Have Been Better with Profanity [TheSmokingJacket]

5 Fake Athlete Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following [LastAngryFan]

7 things you learn when you’re an insomniac [Guyism]

FourSquare Is Getting Judgmental [CollegeHumor]

How Facebook Can Ruin A Job Interview (NSFW audio) [NextRound]

10 Animals Attacking Their Own Reflections [Urlesque]

PICTURES: Hipster dinosaurs by Molly Lewis.  More pictures after the jump. [Twitpic via Buzzfeed]

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