How Much Harder Can The Spidey Musical Suck?

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11.24.10 4 Comments

Because we’re not done beating this thing with a stick by a long shot, here’s a collection of facts that we copy-pasted from Topless Robot, itself cribbed from New York Magazine, and inserted a few semi-witty comments (look, it’s the day before Thanksgiving, we’ve got turkeys to fry, whiskey to drink, and relatives to seeth at in profound, silent loathing):

• The portal above the stage where characters drop down has been dubbed “the *sshole.” [Ed. Note: Originally called “The Bono”, but he threatened to talk about his humanitarian efforts until they made the name more general]

• As of 12 days before the first preview (on November 29th), there’s a giant web effect that doesn’t work. The effect has already been totally altered once.

• “In 2005, after wrangling the complicated contracts for three years, [original producer Tony] Adams dropped dead of a stroke in the Edge’s New York apartment just as the guitarist was getting his pen to sign.” [Ed. Note: He escaped just in time.]

• When Adams died, his business partner David Garfinkle, a lawyer with zero producing experience, became producer.

• The musical’s budget will total $70 million; apparently Garfinkle managed to squander a third of that in the show’s early years of non-production.

• Bono calls director Julie Taymor a “sha-woman.” [Ed. Note: SHAZAM!]

• I think I’ve actually mentioned this before, but there will be a chorus of comic book fans commenting on the entire musical, Greek chorus-style. Of course, they are called “the geek chorus.”

• In her early 20s, Taymor once nearly fell into an active volcano.

How much more can this thing suck? Glad you asked! Here, have a behind-the-scenes clip:

Man, this is gonna hurt.

[ shamelessly stolen from Topless Robot ]

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