Integrated Circuit Lightning Fast, Not Sentient. Yet.

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DARPA (Motto: “Building Tomorrow’s Pants-Crapping Terror Today! Under Your House! While You Sleep!”) has been challenging all of the highly intelligent people who work for it to make integrated circuits faster, mostly because the faster the circuit, the better minor things like explosives detection, communications networks, and imaging systems are. And Northrop Grumman obliged, with the cuddly little guy at the top of this post.

He can go at 670 GHz, which is fast enough to break the world record, but it still won’t play “Crysis” at a decent frame rate. DARPA, of course, isn’t satisfied, and wants a 1 THz circuit. Yes, DARPA wants one trillion cycles per second. And if that sounds insane, consider they also wanted a “tactical robot” that eats people to fuel itself, and somebody actually built it for them. If anything, one trillion cycles per second is probably the sanest goal they’ve had in a long, long time.

[ via PopSci ]

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