Iron Man 2 Alternate Opening Scene Completes Me

Entertainment Editor

Hey, remember that scene from the Iron Man 2 trailer where Gwyneth Paltrow nourishes her inner aspect all over the Tony Stark’s mask then throws in out of a plane and RDJ says, “You complete me”?  That was from the opening scene which was later deleted.  The movie was going to open with Tony Stark face forward in a toilet.  Director Jon Favreau decided to pull the scene and open the movie with the next one, Tony’s big entrance at the Stark Expo.  I also suspect Disney and Marvel wouldn’t want to open a big summer movie with the protagonist hugging a toilet.  On the other hand, Spiderman 3 could have only been improved by an opening like that.  Set the tone for the rest of the movie, I say.

Check out the scene below, before it’s inevitably pulled from the tubes.

[You complete me, /film.]

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