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05.13.10 2 Comments

The Neptune Theater in Seattle can’t spell Terrence Howard, but I forgive them. [via Reddit]

I wrote this feature on more artworks made from stuff on your desk. [Uproxx]

Steam is giving Portal away for free (Mac and PC). Deal ends 5/24 [Steam]

Vince knows the real reason Sharlto Copley left “I am Number Four”. [Filmdrunk]

Six historical outlaws more badass than Robin Hood [Guyism]

More JaMarcus Russell photoshops. [KissingSuzyKolber]

Canadian porn ads are honest. Canadian porn almost passes for American porn, except it’s a little too polite. [WarmingGlow]

Vertical leap fail [WithLeather]

Masturbation is Lawrence Taylor’s best defense [TheSmokingSection]

5 other excuses Lawrence Taylor might use at his trial [Guyism]

The weirdest fitness products at the Arnold Sports Fest (video) [Asylum]

Superman versus Gotham City in fan art strip [ComicsAlliance]

Why Abe Vigoda should host ‘SNL’ [TVSquad]

VIDEO AND GIF BELOW: This cat who wasn’t weened properly before being rescued now likes to suckle the air, which looks like the longest “pbbbbbt!” ever. [via Arbroath]

And I had to make it a gif:

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