The Non-Nerd’s Guide To ‘Jessica Jones,’ Marvel’s New Netflix Series

09.11.15 3 years ago 24 Comments
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The next Marvel series from Netflix, Jessica Jones, is officially arriving on Nov. 20. And with it, of course, comes lots of questions from people who have never read the comics. So, for the edification of non-nerds, here’s a look at Jessica Jones.

So, is Jessica Jones an old Marvel hero or something?

Not quite. The series is based on a comic book called Alias. Yes, just like the TV show. Yes, they both came out around the same time. Yes, it was extremely confusing for a few years there.

Anyway, the comic follows Jones, who briefly spent time as a superhero before something terrible happened to her and she dropped out of the superhero scene. Jessica uses what amounts to her 15 minutes of fame to run a detective agency specializing in finding missing superheroes.

It also had the distinction of kicking off Marvel’s MAX line of books, “R-rated” comics that dealt with more adult themes. When it arrived in 2001, it immediately got critical acclaim and fans began clamoring for an adaptation, so this has been on the way for a while.

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